Thursday, June 5, 2014

Oxtail Stew - Dominican Style

This is dangerously delicious stew. I made this for mom because for weeks she's been craving this dish and she loves how I make it. 

It was a bit pricey ($5.99 a pound) but its ok because it was my birthday weekend and she was coming over to help me in the garden. 

As you can see I didn't even get to take more pictures. Between the garden and cooking I remembered when all was gone lol. 

Yup, like I said was dangerously delicious. 


4 1/2 of 1in thick oxtail sliced
3 tbsp tomato paste
2 cubits de pollo
6 Scott bonnet peppers seeded
1 1/2 bottle of Goya cooking wine
2 Sazon achiote y 
2 tbsp Spanish olives with some brine
2 tbsp of naranga Agria
2 tbsp Dominican dry oregano
2 tbsp powdered oregano
1 tbsp of thyme
1 medium onion
1 medium green pepper seeded
4 large garlic cloves grated
1 4 quart Dutch oven
Tabasco hot sauce (I added added about  10-12 drops, but you can always add more or less)
1 tbsp of pure olive oil 
Large bowl
Saran Wrap 


Wash oxtail and rinse. Remove extra access visible fats. 

Season with powdered oregano, bitter orange and one bouillon and one  Sazon. 
Cover with Saran Wrap and refrigerate for at-least an hour. 

Preheat at low/medium your Dutch oven to slowly heat the pan throughly and evenly. 

As you heat you pan prep your onion, peppers and lay out the other spices and ingredients on your counter. 

Drizzle oil in your pan and raise the heat now to medium high heat. Remove meat from fridge, uncover and set aside. 

You are now ready to braise your meat on both sides. Do this in batches. Once you have all the meat braised and colored on each sides and set aside in a large bowl. 

Add a tomato paste stir into the hot oil, and bring back the meat to the pot to finish cooking. Add the remaining ingredients except the wine and stir to mix throughly.

Now add 1/2 the the wine let cook for about 5 minutes then add enough to cover all the meat. 

Place lid slightly. Don't cover all the way, leaving just a bit of an opening. 

Let simmer for for about 2 hours or until meat is fork tender. Check and stir occasionally. Add more water if needed. And add wine 30-45 minutes before done. You may also add fresh herbs at the ends

Remove access oil at the end. You can do this through out but if so you may also be removing the delicious seasoning. So I would wait till the end. 

Serve hot over a bed of white rice and a slice of avocado. Don't want rice you may also serve it over a starchy vegetable like boiled green plantains or cassava. 

I like to try this in the slow cooker sometime in the future. When I do I'll sure post an update on how it turned out. 

Bon Apetit