Sunday, February 23, 2014

Organic Red Kale , golden beet veggie juice

The other day I went to Barnes & Noble for a book signing meet & greet Joe Cross from Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. 

It was a very nice experience. Mr. Cross was quiet funny, down to earth and so inspiring. Sweetly, signed and took pictures with everyone there. 

He shared his journey as well as have a lot of insight about juicing. Also told us he 
now his juices will be carried at every Starbucks. How great is that? Excellent when you are on the go. 

Well now you know. Cold press fresh juices at Starbucks. 

Just down stairs in TriBeCa you can also find a huge Whole Foods Supermarket. 

So I planned to run in there as I waited for my car service. 

While there, I picked up some organic produce and raw cacao. Time was of an essence then, so I wasn't able to shop and look around, but I will surely return. 

The organic veggies that I picked up at Whole Foods are listed below with an (*) abstract.


1 organic red kale bunch
1 large organic golden beet
1 organic Italian flat parsley
2 organic celery stalks
2 organic carrots
1/2 organic lemon
1 inch of ginger 

This concoction was pretty yummy. The kale was stronger than the green kale but  the golden beet was much milder then the red beets I've used. 

A great addition. 

Juice it and drink on. 

Bon Apetit 

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