Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mustard Green Dandelion Celery Green juiced in the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center

 I received my new Juicer the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center yesterday. I couldn't wait to share with you all about this powerful machine. 

My daughter bought us our first juicer the Hamilton Beach juicer from Walmart back in September of 2013. I've been using this juicer almost every day, well I tried to use it everyday. For being my first juicer I can't complain. The $40 juicer got the job done. 

Juicing allowed me to control my anemia, migraines, GERD, stomach surgery, vitamin D & B-12 deficiency and arthritic pain. I have others ailments but so far these are the ones I have been able change from severe/chronic levels to mild and almost normal. When I didn't juice because timing restraint or from being lazy I became horribly sick. I knew then juicing is a serious necessity for my well being. 

My goal is to completely be free from having them. So, upgrading my juicer jumped to the top of my priority list. 

Thanks to my daughter, mom and my Instagram customers that purchased my  hand mades on Instagram or on my website  www.cupiecakesgumdrop.com  helped to make this purchase possible. 

Because I rambled on about my health history, I will quickly jump into how it went using the Omega Juicer. 
More input on this machine will surely follow on future articles of mines. 
This bad boy can do a variety of jobs not solely extracting every drop from greens, so stay tuned. 

Let's begin :


1 large bunch of fresh Dandelions
1 large bunch of fresh Mustard Greens
1 celery heart

Before I started anything I read the small handbook cover to cover. 
Then assembled the machine following the simple instructions. Washed my greens. Then plugged the power house! 
I must admit, when I took out this bad boy from its box I was intimidated and taken by its beauty.

I thought it was going to be loud machine surprisingly it wasn't at all. I was able to keep a conversation with my sister as I fed the greens to the machine. With the Hamilton Beach juicer I couldn't.

With this machine I noticed the foam sits on the wire net sleeve and none in the collection bowl. Excellent. 

The other thing I noticed was the juice extracted from the greens was so thick and bright green. It looked like paint. 

The juice did not separate as it does using the Hamilton Beach juicer.

Now for the taste test. The juice was so potent and strong that I was only able to drink a little less than 8 oz. I felt it in my brain, my heart well actually every single part of my body.

 My friends, you heard it right, I felt every cell in my body come alive. It was so strong that I had to lay down for a minute. 

I then called my mom to tell her about it. She was thrilled to here my voice full of energy. I told her that all my senses have awaken. My vision cleared, my hearing my sense of smell all of it! She laughed and shared my joy. 

So there you have it my friends. I am proud of my investment. Much more expensive than the Hamilton, but worth every hard earned penny. Plus it also has a 15 year warranty.  
This is my health insurance! 

Cheers to health. 


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