Monday, April 14, 2014

Infused Yerba Mate, Peach , Green Tea w/ Red Ginseng Royal Jelly

I've been experimenting different tea brews lately and found this concoction quite delicious. So far this is a favorite. 

I added Yerba mate but sometimes leave it out. Either way its delicious. If you enjoy a more stronger tea then add the Yerba mate. 

Give it try. 


1 32 oz Ball Mason jar with lid
1 twinings Peach cold brew iced tea bag
1 Twinning Green Tea decaf 
1 Trader Joe's Yerba Mate 
1 tbsp honey *optional
1 vial Red Ginseng Royal Jelly
1 rubber band
Tea kettle
Water for boiling


Boil water in your tea kettle. 

Meanwhile in a mason jar drop the Yerba mate (if you are using it) in the jar, use a rubber band to hold the other two teas like so: 

Once your water has boiled add it to your mason jar w/ teas. Be very careful for the jar will now be very hot. 

While this tea is hot you may add your honey (or sweetener or choice).

Let this tea blend cool a bit at room temperature. 

Once it's cooled add the red ginseng royal jelly. Place lid and refrigerate over night for a stronger brew or keep it as is. 

Discard tea bags once done. 
Serve chilled over ice. 

Bon Apetit. 

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