Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kale,spinach & chicken consommé

My sister Yorka makes this healthy consumme. When she made it the aroma was driving me crazy. I pestered her about what she added to it, she verbally told me. She usually uses a can of chicken broth to boil all ingredients instead of water, which you can also do. But I prefer to control the salt content and just add it to the end if the soup. Either way it still yummy and good for you.



1/2 pack Frozen kale
1/2 pack Frozen spinach
Chicken stock ( from boiling this chicken )
1 chicken breast boned in (skinless)
1 potato (cubed) with skin
1 medium onion halved
1/2 of green pepper
3 garlic cloves whole
Sea salt/ black pepper to taste (optional)


1 whole wheat wrap (Ole Mexican)
1 slice Lacey Swiss cheese (low sodium)
2 slices Boars Head Low sodium Deli Ham
1 tsp cranberry jam (optional)


Layer wrap with cheese and ham. You may spread a jam first but I didn't in mine. Roll and cut in a slant and set aside.

Wash chicken. On medium high heat it in medium pot and all ingredient ( chicken, kale, spinach potato, garlic, onion and water. Simmer till potatoes are fork tender (about 7-15 minutes ). Turn heat off then remove bones from chicken. Toss bones, now add all the contents from the pot into a blender. Liquefy contents then add it back to the pot and simmer for another 2-3 minutes. Add salt and pepper if you think it needs it. All done, plate and serve aside with the ham and cheese whole wheat wrap.
Enjoy! Bon Apetit !

*note - for those that don't eat meat you may omit the poultry and just add your vegetable stock (can) or boil carrots and celery to the mix.

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