Sunday, April 28, 2013

Berries R Us (Juice)

Strawberries, Blueberries & Blackberries Juice

Here's is a Berrie Juice concoction. This juice is packed with Vitamin C, fiber (crucial for your digestive system that can prevent constipation), potassium (for healthy heart) and iron (for healthy levels in your red blood cells). 
This is another excellent healthy, quick way to incorporate these needed nutrients.
I've give you here a link so you can read for yourself the wonders of berries: 

Ok now lets talk a little about flaxseed meal.

Flaxseed meal 

Flaxseed meal are milled to preserve their natural oils. I usually like to grind them myself but when in a rush I use this brand. Flaxseed are loaded with omega-3, lignans and fiber. And they are also a natural cholesterol controller. What are lignans? they chemical compounds that attach themselves to estrogen with antioxidant qualities which interfere with cancer-promoting estrogens in the breast, colon and prostates.

Here's a link for deeper understanding : 

Please take note that I am no doctor nor a nutritionist I share these recipes because they have worked for me and for my family. I get very excited when I try something new and I feel good great soon after. This is major for me because I am chronic anemic and vitamin D deficient so when I see results I nearly jump for joy. Always consult a professional when beginning any new regimen. Enjoy! 

Good Health to all.

You will need

1 c strawberries
1 c blueberries
1 c blackberries
1 tsp flaxseed meal(Bob's Red Mill)
8 oz glass


In a blender add all ingredients except the flaxseed.
Blend to liquefy form and then serve in a glass. Add the flaxseed and stir.
I found this to be sweet enough for me, but of course if you don't find it sweet enough you may add your choice of sweetener (agave nectar, honey, raw sugar, corn crystals, substitute sugars, brown/white sugar etc.)

Bon Apetit!!

Some of my juices recipes my darling sister has shared with me. She's becoming a nutritionist so this is a great benefit. We share healthy recipes back and forth so I'm here sharing with you too! As soon as she stops being a monkeybutt and copys' me with a photo of her I will soon post it for you to meet her here.  

ok meet my sexy sister Yorka

lol ciao all for now.

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