Friday, April 12, 2013

Mexican Chicken Enchiladas w/ salsa verde

Ole!!! Chicken Enchiladas with salsa verde

My daughter was in the mood for a quick, filling and cheesy meal. So we went for "Mexican".  We pulled out the maracas and danced our way to the kitchen. 

This is an awesome dish to make when it gets so hot in summer. Its so quick to make, less than 30 minutes it took and that's including the chopping time. Crack open them Coronas and lets get the party started!

Makes 6 enchiladas


Two chicken breast with bones (remove the skin) (Perdue)
fresh cracked pepper for taste
1/2 c cilantro chopped
2 garlic cloves chopped
1 medium onion diced
1 chicken bouillon
1/8 tsp jalapeno pepper diced - no seeds*
1 tbsp canola oil (Smart Balance)
4 c of water


1/2 c cilantro chopped (reserve about 1 tbsp for garnish)
1/2 c black olives sliced (Shoprite brand)
1/2 c cherry tomatoes halved
1/2 c light sour cream
1 1/2 c mexican blend reduced fat shredded cheese (or choice of cheese - colby, monterey or mozzarella) (reserve the 1/2 c for garnish) (Borden)
1 7 oz. can of  Herdez salsa verde 
4-6  medium size whole wheat wraps (MexAmerica)


Wash chicken breast, pat dry with paper towel, season with black pepper and set aside.
In a medium sauce pan on medium high heat add 1 tbsp canola oil, 1/2 of the chopped onion, the two seasoned chicken breast 
1/2 c of cilantro, chicken bouillon, garlic, jalapeno and the 4 c of water. Boil this for 18-20 minutes. 
Reserve 4 tbsp of this cooking liquid and set aside. 

Now remove the chicken and let cool. Take two forks and to pull the chicken apart and place it into a deep medium size bowl. To the pulled chicken add the olives, sour cream, tomatoes and the cup of shredded cheese. Also add the reserved cooking liquid to this mix and toss to incorporate all the ingredients evenly. You may add more jalapeno if you desire it more spicy. 
Set this mix aside to ensemble the enchiladas.

Heat oven to 350. 
Take a baking dish (9 x 13 inch) and pour about 3-4 tbsp of the salsa verde. Grab one of the wheat wraps add 2 to 3 spoonfuls of the mix onto the center then roll closed (sides, bottom then the top). Lay the enchilada seam side down onto the dish. Repeat process lining the enchiladas side by side. Spoon more salsa verde and the remaining 1/2 c of shredded cheese over the top of enchiladas. Bake to heat through and to melt the cheese.  Serve and garnish with more salsa verde, cilantro and dollop with sour cream (optional).

This was good served hot, but I went for a little more and tried it at room temperature. Oh Lawwwd that was so much yummier!!!!  <3

Per serving (


These are my calculation via my fitness pal recipe database. Of course this will vary depending on which products you use exactly. 

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