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Pineapple, Orange and Aloe detox/diuretic

Pineapple, Orange & Aloe Juice

This concoction is and old one in our family. We use this one as a detox and diuretic.  The pineapple helps to release excess water. packed with Vitamin C, B6, B1, copper, dietary fiber potassium, magnesium and fiber manganese (mineral considered for healthy bones and connective tissues), oral health, helps upper respiratory infections, firming skin 
(producing collagen, natural facial mask. But be careful cause it may cause a rash on some people and not good to eat when pregnant. Remember to advise your doctor.

The Aloe Vera is not only used for topical uses like sunburns, eczema, psoriasis, facial masks but this miracle plant its also great for absorption. It helps ulcers, constipation it keeps sugar leveled (diabetes), improves metabolism (immune support), detoxes(acts like a laxative) and regulates ones appetite (loses and helps weight control).

Aloe Vera is very bitter in taste, so we mix with oranges/orange juice and pineapple to help alleviate the bitterness.

Again I can not stress the importance of consulting a doctor before beginning a new regimen. It's important to know that you are not allergic to these fruits, veggies and edible plant/s. Make sure you ask your doctor how much and how long its safe for "you" to consume it. As we all know taking anything for too long or too much is never good for anyone. 

Everyone here at home have changed to a healthy lifestyle. We have taken small steps and slowly but surely preserves it. This old family recipe helps detoxing when needed. But each one of us consumes it differently, as you know things work differently for each person.

 When "I" make this concoction, I just have it once a day for three days. Mostly in the morning in a 8 oz glass followed by a full glass of water right after. The first and second day 8 oz. with a glass of water and for the last day just a 4oz glass as well the glass of water. 
This I only do at the end of the month usually after my menstruation to help with the water retention. I have to be careful because of my anemia so that is why I only do it for three days. As for my sister her regimen is different than mines and she takes it for 3 -7 days to maintain and detox in the month.
No detox should ever be more than 2 weeks. That's for "ANY".
When one is detoxing you lose a lot of iron and world of needed nutrients. This is also a diuretic so keep in mine to up on potassium.

This is great when you want to lose a couple inches from your waste or feeling yucky and bloated. If you are ready to make a life change this is one recipe to keep in your recipe box for future use. This is a keeper!

Chia seeds are considered a super food. They are packed with fiber, proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids. They reduce cravings, help you feel fuller faster, reduces blood pressure, help stop aging process, weight loss, helps regain your energy, control blood sugar (diabetes) and just a few of the wonders this super food can do for you. 
Get these seeds and add them to your salads, yogurts, eggs, smoothies, juices and even 
 your healthy baked goods, I sure do!!
When purchasing Chia seeds make sure they 100% pure and stay away from the cheap low quality ones made in China.  

Here is a nice article on this product:  

You will need:

A Blender
1 - 2 c pineapple chunks
1 c orange juice w/ pulp
2 freshly squeezed oranges
2-3 tbsp of the aloe crystallized meaty pulp
8 oz glass
water (optional)
sprinkle to 1 tsp of chia seeds (optional)
1 tsp Flax seed Meal (optional) *for nutritional facts look at "Berry Juice" recipe


In a blender add all ingredients and blend to a liquefy form. If too thick for you, you may add water.
Serve in a glass and sprinkle flax seed and chia seeds if you like. 

* Note - don't forget to drink 8 - 12 8 oz glasses of water a day.

Good Health!

Bon Apetit!!!!

If you have any question, please comment below and I will answer to my best ability.
Medicinal properties are endless!  

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