Thursday, June 20, 2013

Homemade Chicken Ravioli

👏Wonton Wrappers * Note
Round ravioli or cookie cutter

Ravioli stuffing: 

you may increase the ingredients when making larger portions

2 c spinach chopped
1 bar of weight watchers cream cheese (room temperature)
1 small egg 
1 c Parmigiana cheese grated
3 tbsp fresh basil chopped

Ground turkey
Sea salt
Black pepper
Non- stick skillet



In a bowl mixture together ground chicken and spices and set aside. 

On medium high heat cook your ground meat browning on all sides for about 7 - 10 minutes. Then set aside to cool. 

In a medium bowl mixed all the ravioli stuffing and the cooled ground chicken mixed throughly and set aside.

Ensemble Ravioli

With a round cookie cutter cut the wontons to shape your ravioli. Set aside. 

Take one wonton sheet spoon about half a tsp of the ravioli stuffing mixture in the center. Dab water all around the edges of the wonton then place another wonton sheet to seal the ravioli. 

These can be done ahead and frozen for future use. I store them in freezer bags serving two.  This of course can also be increased or decreased. 

When you cook them don't defrost them. Boil for about 6 - 7 minutes as the ravioli  begins to float.  


* Note - I use these wonton wrappers because I haven't yet purchased the pasta attachment on my KitchenAid. 
Until then these wrappers  work wondrously.  

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