Friday, June 7, 2013

Kirby Juice #2

Kirby Juice #2

1 large beet peeled
1 orange peeled
1 large green apple cored
1 celery
2 Kirby cucumbers **
3 knobs of ginger root (optional)*
3 c kale leaves
4 large carrots 
1/2 c spinach 
1/2 lemon peeled 
1/2 c purple cabbage

* I personally love the spiciness of ginger so I up the amount when I add it to my juice. Some people don't enjoy it as I do may reduce the quantity to 1 or two knobs. 

** was originally going to add 4 Kirby cucumbers but my daughter made a salad to take to work so I only had 2 left. 😳 Lol 

😋😜😋😜 Extra spicy!!!!😋😜😋😜

Bottoms Up!!!

Bon Apetit!!


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