Monday, May 6, 2013

Are there any canned goods safe and good for you?

Canned Sardines & Squid 

I seldom use canned meat products to prepare meals, but I do store a handful of canned seafood in my pantry.
A must have "staple" are solid white tuna (water/oil), clams (red/white sauce), sardines (in tomato sauce), pink salmon, oysters, squid and cuttlefish (in its own ink).
All these that I mentioned are good for you. These canned goods are excellent for developing  super quick meals. They are all packed with nutrients like omega-3s, high proteins, iron, DHA (docohexaenoic acid), EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), selenium and vitamin B12. Calcium and vitamin D can also be found in sardines, potassium, copper, and zinc in squid, in a 3oz serving of clams 21g of protein also find vitamin A & E. 

Squid is a dietary high cholesterol food that is low in fat just like egg yolks so I monitor these in my diet. 

"While it's important not to overdo foods with high dietary cholesterol, watching your consumption of saturated fat is more important, notes Saturated and trans fats have more of an impact on your blood cholesterol level than dietary cholesterol."

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Some of these canned fish may be a little intimidating to eat for some, but it never hurts to give it a try. Add them to your pantry.
I just recently served my daughter and sister sardines in tomato sauce and surprisingly they enjoyed it. So much that my sister went and bought two cans for herself. Now, as for the squid in ink, they are a bit hesitant, but I'll keep trying, lol.

So, to answer the question, these canned goods are safe and nutritious!!

I love it! They are simply good eats!!

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